You may submit to MACAU the following types of publications:

  • books including those which are not published commercially (so called „grey literature“)
  • scholarly articles from other archive servers or journals
  • book chapters published in compilations (i. e. books with chapters each written by different authors)
  • onference proceedings
  • PhD theses

For the time being, MACAU does not accept documents for transient archiving service such as newspaper articles, event reports, projects and similar items. Nor does MACAU accept bachelor or master degree theses or publications with less than two pages. Items that derive from editorial engagements for journals and serials as well as prefaces or peer reviews are not subject to publication on MACAU either.

You may submit PhD theses without authentication. However, we strongly recommend to use a personal account (stu-account or login for staff) if available at the time of uploading items.
To add your PhD theses , please click the button new dissertation on the left hand side and then follow the instructions on the right side.

Publications of all other types require a personalised account which you can request at the University Computing Center (Rechenzentrum). Please refer to the address displayed when clicking on the Contact button.

If your document is published for the first time on MACAU you are still granted any copyright .

If your document is published for the second time , you will need to clarify copyright terms: most of the publishing houses do accept self-archiving on institutional repositories (IR) or personal web pages. Nevertheless this is often subject to embargo periods to comply with: your first published version will affect an embargo period on the second Open Access publication.

Please refer to "SHERPA/RoMEO" ( to find out details on publishing policies for the different journal titles and publishing houses.
As a last consequence it is your personal contract with the publishing house that sets out terms of copyright.

If your document is a joint publication, you will need each author's consent for a second publication on MACAU.

You will find further information on the left side at „Questions and answers”.

After successful login please enter the data of your document such as title, author, abstract. After saving the data, please upload your PDF-file as a full unlocked version without any encryption or digital rights management mechanisms.

Please note that the document that you have uploaded will not be published immediately. Please click on the button indicated in order to initiate further steps by the Library. You will be prompted a contract for a single work submitted to the Library (Vertrag für ein einzelnes übergebenes Werk). Please print the contract, fill in the gaps and sign the document. The completed contract is to be handed over or sent to the Library. The duly signed and completed contract entitles the Library right of use for your online publication.

After submission of your publication the library staff will check file conformity. Your document, once uploaded to MACAU, can be retrieved and searched there and it will be available in various catalogues and search engines on the internet.

Instead of signing contracts for each single document, we suggest that you sign a generalized contract "Pauschalvertrag für alle übergebene Werke" by which you enable the Library to publish any of your digital documents.

It is also possible to sign a general contract for harvesting of online publications called "Pauschalvertrag zur Abholung elektronisch veröffentlichter Werke". This is to enable the University Library to harvest any online publication from your personal or institutional website or from the website of your faculty and to publish it on MACAU.

In addition to that we offer you the possibility to protect your works by Creative Commons copyright-licences . URLs to access Creative Common licences are given at the bottom of the page for each contract. For general information please see .

Until you finally hand over your document to the Library, you may still make changes and corrections to it. After you have passed on your document to the Library, only library staff will have access to it. Please note that from the moment onward your document is published on MACAU there will be no possibility to make any modifications to it. In case the document needs revision, you will be kindly asked to submit a second version.

The University Library will permanently store your document. To ensure long-term preservation, it may hand the document over to another archival service partner or carry out technical modifications (such as changes to the file format). Dissemination of deposited objects worldwide is guaranteed via standardised computer interfaces.