Modeling and simulation of deformation and fracture behavior of components made of fully lamellar gamma-TiAl alloy

Kabir, Mohammad Rizviul

The present work deals with the modeling and simulation of deformation and fracture behavior of fully lamellar gamma-TiAl alloy, focusing on understanding the variability of local material properties and their influences on translamellar fracture. A fracture model has been presented that takes the inhomogeneity of the local deformation behavior of the lamellar colonies as well as the variability in fracture strength and toughness into consideration. To obtain the necessary model parameters, a hybrid methodology of experiments and simulations has been adopted. The experiments were performed at room temperature that demonstrates quasi-brittle response of the TiAl polycrystal. A remarkable variation in stress-strain curves has been found in the tensile tests. Additional fracture tests showed significant variations in crack initiation and propagation during translamellar fracture. Analyzing the fracture surfaces, the micromechanical causes of these macroscopic scatter have been explained. The investigation shows that the global scatter in deformation and fracture response is highly influenced by the colony orientation and tilting angle with respect to the loading axis. The deformation and fracture behavior have been simulated by a finite element model including the material decohesion process described by a cohesive model. In order to capture the scatter of the macroscopic behavior, a stochastic approach is chosen. The local variability of stress-strain in the polycrystal and the variability of fracture parameters of the colonies are implemented in the stochastic approach of the cohesive model. It has been shown that the proposed approach is able to predict the stochastic nature of crack initiation and propagation as observed from the experiments. The global specimen failure with stable or unstable crack propagation can be explained in terms of the local variation of material properties.


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Kabir, Mohammad: Modeling and simulation of deformation and fracture behavior of components made of fully lamellar gamma-TiAl alloy. 2008.


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