Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Tristan-Gough Hotspot Track

The major goals of this study were to investigate the age distribution of volcanism along the Tristan-Gough volcanic track and the Rio Grande Rise with a detailed highquality 40Ar/39Ar age data set on mineral separates, to evaluate geochemical variations along and across the Tristan-Gough hotspot track in order to test for a possible geochemical zonation and to understand the long-term evolution the Tristan-Gough plume. Furthermore, the origin and geochemical characteristics of the mantle sources contributing to the Tristan-Gough hotspot system should be determined, especially to provide constraints about the origins of the EM-I mantle endmember and the large-scale geochemical DUPAL anomaly in the South Atlantic mantle. Therefore, all available igneous basement samples from the Walvis Ridge, the Rio Grande Rise and the Guyot Province (Tristan and Gough subtracks), dredged during various international cruises and cored at five DSDP sites, were investigated.



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