Dissertation (Metadata)
Title:Präparation und Registrierung : Günther Ludwigs Neubegründung der Quantenmechanik
Author:André Freter
Faculty:Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
DDC:530 Physics
Date of thesis defense:2004-07-12
Referent:Priv.-Doz. Dr. A. Huber
second reviewer(s) :Frau Prof. Dr. B. Schrempp
Description (original):(Keine Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache hinterlegt.)
(translated):Günther Ludwig regards quantum mechanics to be a special theory between two types of macrosystems, one of these is preparation and the other one is registration. Macrosystems are objects which can be described by immediate instructions or by terms of classical physics. Thus quantum mechanics is grounded in a radical way on a realistic basis which refers entirely to the macroscopic- phenomenological reality. A microscopic reality is not assumed. The current thesis discusses the central aspects of Ludwig's approach towards a new foundation of quantum mechanics. This new foundation shows to be efficient in two fields. On the one hand it is possible to gain an axiomatic construction of quantum mechanics up to Hilbertspace and Schrödingers equation by physically motivated statements. On the other hand problems of interpretation can be circumvented.
Keywords:Ludwig, Günther ; Quantenmechanik ; EPR-Paradox, Axiomatik, Quanten-Logik, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen, Paradoxon
quantum mechanics, axiomatics, quantum logic
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