Azulen-unterstützte Substanzreinigung - eine Strategie für die parallele Ligandsynthese

Aumüller, Ingo

Aim of this Ph. D. thesis was the synthesis of different mannose derivatives to inhibit the mannose macrophage receptor (MMR). To achieve this end the author has developed a novel strategy devised by himself. Starting from guajazulene, novel coloured protective groups were synthesised. By application of such protective groups a visual monitoring of a chromatographic purification is possible and leads to a simplification of this procedure. Within this Ph. D. thesis the idea for and the development of this novel method are described as well as examples for application of the aforementioned strategy. These examples given are syntheses of inhibitors for the MMR. Multivalent mannose clusters were synthesised as well as two libraries of mannose derivatives, which contain additional pharmacophoric groups. It has been successfully demonstrated, that the new method can be advantageously used in traditional organic syntheses. Further it is especially suitable for the performance of parallel syntheses. Here not only the syntheses but also the chromatographies can be performed in a parallel way.



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Aumüller, Ingo: Azulen-unterstützte Substanzreinigung - eine Strategie für die parallele Ligandsynthese. 2002.


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