Uranyl Sulfate Nanotubules Templated by N-phenylglycine

Siidra, Oleg I; Nazarchuk, Evgeny V; Charkin, Dmitry O; Chukanov, Nikita V; Depmeier, Wulf; Bocharov, Sergey N; Sharikov, Mikhail I

The synthesis, structure, and infrared spectroscopy properties of the new organically templated uranyl sulfate Na(phgH⁺)₇[(UO₂)₆(SO₄)10](H₂O)3.5 (1), obtained at room temperature by evaporation from aqueous solution, are reported. Its structure contains unique uranyl sulfate [(UO₂)₆(SO₄)10]8- nanotubules templated by protonated N-phenylglycine (C₆H₅NH₂CH₂COOH)⁺. Their internal diameter is 1.4 nm. Each of the nanotubules is built from uranyl sulfate rings sharing common SO₄ tetrahedra. The template plays an important role in the formation of the complex structure of 1. The aromatic rings are stacked parallel to each other due to the effect of π-π interaction with their side chains extending into the gaps between the nanotubules.


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Siidra, Oleg / Nazarchuk, Evgeny / Charkin, Dmitry / et al: Uranyl Sulfate Nanotubules Templated by N-phenylglycine. 2018.

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