Publication agreement (non-binding sample copy)

§ 1 Subject matter of the contract

The subject of the contract is the author's work with the title: (automatically filled in from the metadata)

§ 2 Multiple authors

  1. If multiple authors have jointly written a work, they are co-authors of the work. The publication of the work can therefore only take place with the consent of all authors. Alternatively, a responsible author may sign on behalf of all other authors involved. In this case, he/she assures that all authors involved have granted him/her the rights necessary for the transfer according to § 3.
  2. If the work is an edited work, the signing editor assures that all participating co-editors and all participating authors have granted him/her the necessary rights according to § 3.

§ 3 Granting of rights

  1. The author irrevocably grants UB Kiel the non-exclusive (simple) right to reproduce the work on its own servers for an unlimited period of time, to store it and to make it publicly accessible in electronic form via international data networks. The author is free to dispose of his/her work in any other way as long as the rights granted to UB Kiel are not restricted.
  2. The author grants UB Kiel the right to pass on the work made available to other libraries, archives and aggregators (e.g. German National Library, subject repositories, (subject) information systems) for the purpose of long-term archiving, electronic mandatory delivery and public access. These institutions are granted the same rights as UB Kiel.
  3. The author grants UB Kiel the right to convert the work provided into other electronic and physical formats if necessary (e.g. migration, accessibility, better accessibility, indexing) or to have it converted.
  4. The author releases the metadata belonging to the work (including summaries) for general use under the Creative Commons license CC0 1.0.

4 Legal harmlessness, liability

  1. The author assures that he/she is the sole legal owner of the work or that he/she has all necessary rights of use and that he/she has not made any dispositions that conflict with this contract. In particular, he/she warrants that his/her work, including all components (e.g. third-party text and/or image originals contained therein), does not infringe the rights of third parties (e.g. co-authors, publishers, third-party funders).
  2. If the author is prevented for legal reasons from providing one of the aforementioned assurances or if he/she subsequently becomes aware of legal obstacles or of claims by third parties, he/she shall inform UB Kiel of this immediately.
  3. The author shall indemnify UB Kiel against any claims for damages for which he/she is responsible due to infringements of copyrights, exploitation rights or other rights of third parties. This shall not apply if the infringement is due to intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the part of UB Kiel and the author is not equally guilty of intent or gross negligence. In the latter case, the damage shall be apportioned after weighing the shares of fault in particular.
  4. UB Kiel assumes no liability for malfunctions within the data networks or for possible changes to the data during remote data transmission.
  5. UB Kiel is entitled to block access to a publication in whole or in part with immediate effect if there are concrete indications that legal regulations, applicable examination law or the rights of third parties are being violated. In such a case UB Kiel will immediately inform the author about the blocking.
  6. Uploading the document does not constitute a legally binding claim to online provision or archiving.

§ 5 Doctoral Theses

  1. The author assures that the publication of the dissertation has been approved by the doctoral committee and that the electronic version corresponds to the approved version in form and content.
  2. After publication of the dissertation, a written confirmation of publication will be sent to the responsible dean's office by UB Kiel.
  3. By signing this agreement, the author confirms that she/he has been informed that the electronic version of her/his work may omit the curriculum vitae. If a curriculum vitae is included, she/he agrees that this may also be made publicly available.
  4. If the work is to be made publicly accessible only after the expiration of a blocking period for reasons of copyright or patent law, UB Kiel must be notified of the end of the period. The embargo period must comply with the requirements of the respective doctoral regulations or must be coordinated with the respective examination board. Setting a blocking period after publication is not possible. Until the blocking period has expired, an abridged version of the work will be published. The work will not be made publicly accessible until the embargo period has expired.

The work is subject to an embargo period until (automatically filled in from the metadata). / The work is not subject to an embargo period.

Appendix: Creative Commons Licensing

When you entered the metadata, you had the option to select a Creative Commons license for your work. Creative Commons licenses are standardized licenses that allow you to independently determine and transparently indicate the extent and scope to which your work may be used by others.

You have chosen the following license: (automatically filled in from the metadata) / You have not selected a Creative Commons license for the work.