Publish dissertation

  • You make sure, that electronic publishing is allowed for your thesis: Doctoral Degree Regulations
  • You enter the decriptive data ("metadata") about your thesis
  • You submit your file to the server (PDF only without any copy-protection or passwords).
  • You wait for the confirmation mail from the library. You'll find attached a PDF containing the affidavit ("Eidesstattliche Erklärung") and a prepared certificate form to be used by the library.
  • You complete the affidavit, print out the whole PDF and sign the affidavit.
  • You deliver
    • the signed affidavit ("Eidesstattliche Erklärung")
    • the printout of the prepared certificate form
    • the 2 printed copies (soft cover with adhesive binding only)
    to the "Dissertationsstelle" of the library, which can be reached via the information desk in the main building of the library (for opening hours, please have a look at the website of the university library) or the "Leihstelle in der Ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Abteilung".
  • The prepared certificate form will be completed and given to you.

You can choose to publish your dissertation with embargo, if there exists an important reason that precludes the immediate publication of the full text (e.g. imposed by journal policies in case of cumulative dissertations). In this case, you need to upload a short version of your dissertation in addition to the full text dissertation as a separate PDF document. After an embargo period (two years after publication, based on your doctorate degree regulations) the full text will be publicly accessible. Till then, only the short version of your dissertation will be accessible.

Additional, detailed comments

  • All printed copies have to be (due to archiving / filing reasons) printed on wood- and acid-free paper and permanently bounded (no spiral binding, no wire stable, no foil cover, no transparent cover). A bound in boards (soft) cover with adhesive binding is fine.
  • The PDf with your thesis, and the printed issues als well, must contain a page with details about referent and second reviewer and the date of oral examination. This means also the hard copies.
  • The title in the metadata shall not be all capital letters.
  • The filename shall be short and concise without any special characters or umlauts. Template: "John_Doe.pdf". The complete title is neither required nor usefull.
  • Just pdf-files without any copy-protection or passwords are allowed, neither Word-files nor files from other editors.

The relevant provisions of the Doctoral Degree Regulations of the relevant faculty apply to the submission and publication of dissertations, in which the option of electronic publication can also be granted.

The obligation to publish the dissertation is satisfied if the prescribed number of copies of the dissertation received has been handed over to the University Library as compulsory copies. According to a resolution by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of 30.10.1997 the obligation to publish dissertations is also satisfied through electronic publication.

Please clarify the copyright and licensing side before electronic publication so that publication does not conflict with any rights of a third party. If you additionally wish to publish the work with a publisher, the latter must have declared that it is in agreement with electronic publication by Kiel University Library (for this, see the recommendations of the German National Library ).

When the electronic dissertation is delivered, Kiel University Library will check whether the conditions for publication have been satisfied and upload the file.

Publication on the MACAU publication platform is free of charge for you.

There are agreements with Kiel University Library and requirements for technical standards in the affidavit on the submission of an electronic dissertation, that apply to the publication of an electronic dissertation.
This affidavit will be sent to you for completion and signature.
You may have a look on an exemplar of the affidavit in german language.

According to the General Data Protection Regulations, which came into force on 25.05.2018, it is no longer necessary to publish the CV or other personal data as part of your Dissertation.

At some faculties a curriculum vitae must be enclosed with the dissertation, which comes under the Data Protection Act if it is published on the Internet. An express declaration of consent is therefore required, which is included in the submission declaration.

As the author you grant Kiel University Library a general right of use to publicly reproduce the electronic dissertation in data networks and transfer it for individual retrieval. This means that as the author you are in principle free to also publish your work elsewhere in digital form or as a printed document. If it is published at a later date, please refer to the fact that you have already granted the general right of use for the electronic dissertation to Kiel University Library.

The dissertation which is published by Kiel University Library must correspond to a graphic image of the printed version. We therefore recommend creating the printed version from the PDF file. Citability then remains ensured with the electronic version.

It is not possible to publish exclusively as an electronic dissertation.

All the regulations to create an electronic dissertation are summarised in a guide by the University Library, which you should follow.

The main steps are:

  • Creating the PDF file: Kiel University Library only accepts PDF (Portable Document Format) files. You can find information and instructions on creating PDF files in an online tutorial from the University of Freiburg.

  • Printing the PDF file and having it bound: In addition to the electronic version of the dissertation 2 printed copies must also be submitted. Please make sure that there are no formatting differences between the printed and electronic full text version when you print the PDF file. If however you are printing from a word processing programme, shifts in the line and page breaks may occur, so that the versions are not identical and the citability of your dissertation is therefore adversely affected.

  • Registering and uploading the dissertation: Via a form on MACAU you will receive assistance on registering and uploading your dissertation. You should provide the following additional information ("metadata"):

    • Original title of the dissertation (if applicable, also translated)
    • Key words (German or English)
    • Subject area (via pull-down menu)
    • Description (abstract) in the original language or as a translation (max. 2000 characters)
    • Faculty (via pull-down menu)
    • First referee (PhD supervisor)
    • Co-referee

    The information on the description of the content is used to help find your dissertation in MACAU and by search engines on the Internet.
    After entering the meta data you can upload your pdf document.
    If you wish to publish a full text version which is subject to an embargo period, you have to provide a second PDF file with the short version (abstract) as well.
    After this you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt from the Dissertation Office of the University Library.

  • Submitting the printed copies and the affidavit: All printed copies have to be (due to archiving / filing reasons) printed on wood- and acid-free paper and permanently bounded (no spiral binding, no wire stable, no metal rods, no foil cover, no transparent cover). A bound in boards (soft) cover with adhesive binding is fine.
    The affidavit must be completed, printed out, signed and submitted, together with the prepared certificate form and the 2 printed copies, to the Dissertation Office of the University Library, which can be reached via the information desk in the main department or via the circulation desk in the Engineering Department. You are then transferring the right to store your dissertation, publish it on data networks and if necessary convert it into other file formats to Kiel University Library. You declare that the electronic full text version corresponds to the printed version approved by the Doctoral Degree Committee, that the licence rights have been clarified and publication does not conflict with any rights of a third party.
    After submitting all these things the University Library will certify to you that your obligations for the publication of the dissertation have been satisfied, using the prepared certificate form.

As soon as the printed copies and your affidavit are available, the dissertation will be processed further by the University Library and you will be informed by e-mail that your dissertation has been published in MACAU.

Kiel University Library will pass on an electronic compulsory copy to the German National Library and if requested also to special interest collection libraries on the relevant subject. The German National Library will archive all electronically published dissertations from German Institutions of Higher Education and will hold the full text version ready for downloading. Every dissertation will also feature in the Institutions of Higher Education publications list DNB series H, which appears every month and in the summarised listings of the German National Library.

If it is not possible for an immediate electronic publication of the full text dissertation on submission of the printed copies for copyright reasons or those under patent law (retention period), in addition to submission of the printed copies there should also be a submission of the full text version. Electronic publication is first undertaken not as the full text, but in the form of a short version by the doctoral candidate on our publication platform. After the retention period envisaged in the Doctoral Degree Regulations has expired, the entire work is published. Only as of this time will long-term electronic archiving take place via the German National Library.

When citing your document you should always use the URN, which starts with: *.

Web publications can be cited permanently and reliably with the URN. In contrast to the URL, the URN is not location-dependent and remains valid even if the URL changes.

Information on general questions and the formalities for the submission of electronic dissertations:
Dissertation Office of the University Library:
Tel.: 0431 / 880-5407
Questions on Doctoral Degree Regulations:
the responsible Dean of your Faculty.