Manteltomographie : Verspätungen von Wellenzügen im Norddeutsch-Dänischen Becken

Busche, Holger

In the Project Teleseismic TOmography TORnquist (TOR) the Vp-distribution of the upper Mantle at the Transeuropean Suture Zone along a 1000 km long traverse was investigated by tomography. Travel time residuals of 15 far distance earthquakes were recalculated for a depth of 50 km. The residuals have a characteristic shape enhancing the use of a systematic exploration of all solutions by tomographic inversion by Fourier series. Standard deviation of residuals and models were used for optimizing free parameters. The variance of residuals could be explained and reduced by 83%. The Sorgenfrei-Tornquist-Zone is recognizeable as a lateral 50 km small Vp-variation up to depth of 200 km in the upper mantle. At a depth of 100 - 200 km below the North German - Danish Basin Vp decreases laterally up to 5 %. Reduced Vp below the North German-Danish Basin could be caused by Anisotropy or higher temperature.



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Busche, Holger: Manteltomographie. Verspätungen von Wellenzügen im Norddeutsch-Dänischen Becken. 2001.


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