Multi-dimensional radiation hydrodynamic simulations of the non-magnetic solar atmosphere

Three-dimensional radiation hydrodynamic simulations of the non-magnetic outer atmosphere of the Sun produce a model chromosphere which is structured highly variable in space and in time. The chromosphere appears as a network of hot matter and enclosed cool regions and is thus qualitatively similar to observations. This pattern is generated by the interaction of ubiquitous acoustic shock waves which are excited by the motions at the top of the solar convection zone. The spatial and temporal inhomogeneities in the model chromosphere give also rise to a thermal bifurcation, i.e., the co-existence of hot and cool regions, making necessary a more detailed description than provided by classical one-dimensional static models. In this thesis well-founded statements on the spatial and temporal inhomogeneities of the chromosphere can be made, which are obviously of great importance for the interpretation of observations and thus for the construction of a comprehensive model of the outer non-magnetic layers of the Sun.



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