Shallow subtidal sand : permeability, nutrient dynamics, microphytobenthos and organic matter

Most coastal biogeochemical studies have focussed on intertidal sediments. To complement these, this study describes the temporal dynamics of a permeable shallow subtidal sandy sediment by measuring pore water nutrients, microphytobenthos and organic matter. This study was carried out in the List tidal basin in the northern Wadden Sea. Shallow subtidal sands comprise about half of the area of this large tidal basin. This work is part of an EU - project (EVK – CT2002 – 0076) on the role of permeable sands in coastal exchange processes (COSA, “Coastal sands as biocatalytical filters”) and the task of this study was to elucidate key variables for remineralisation and primary production in permeable shallow subtidal sands near the island Sylt in the North Sea (Germany) over a two year period.



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