Nutzungsbedingte Landschaftsveränderungen in Yangjuangou (Provinz Shaanxi, VR China)

Dahlke, Christine

The study is focussing on mid- and late Holocene anthropogenic landscape changes in the Yangjuangou catchment. The study area is situated on the central Chinese Loess Plateau about 25 km north of Yanan City in Shaanxi Province. Based on detailed investigations of colluvia of an agricultural terrace and alluvial sediments in Yangjuangou, i.e. reservoir sediments of check-dams, the history of water erosion and changes of the geomorphology in Yangjuangou during the last 5000 years have been reconstructed. By using different methods as field work (profile analysis, DGPS measurements), absolute dating methods (14C, 137Cs and archaeological dating of pottery) and expert interviews, the historical water erosion in Yangjuangou was quantified on a catchment scale.



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Dahlke, Christine: Nutzungsbedingte Landschaftsveränderungen in Yangjuangou (Provinz Shaanxi, VR China). 2006.


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