Dynamic surface completion : the joint formation of color, texture, and shape

Wollschläger, Daniel

Dynamic surface completion is a phenomenon of visual filling-in where a colored pattern perceptually spreads onto an area confined by virtual contours in a multi-aperture motion display. The spreading effect is qualitatively similar to static texture spreading but widely surpasses it in strength, making it particularly suited for quantitative studies of visual interpolation processes. I carried out six experiments to establish with objective tasks that homogeneous color, as well as non-uniform texture spreading is a genuine representation of surface qualities and thus goes beyond mere contour interpolation. The experiments also serve to relate the phenomena to ongoing discussions about potentially responsible mechanisms for spatiotemporal integration: With a phenomenological method, I examined to what extent simple sensory persistence might be causally involved in the effect under consideration. The findings are partially consistent with the idea of sensory persistence, and indicate that information fragments are integrated over a time window of about 100 to 150 ms to form a complete surface representation.



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Wollschläger, Daniel: Dynamic surface completion : the joint formation of color, texture, and shape. 2006.

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