Efficient development of complex statecharts

Prochnow, Steffen

Modeling systems based on graphical formalisms, such as Statecharts, has become standard practice in the design of embedded devices. Using paradigms established so far often results in complex models that are difficult to comprehend and maintain. To overcome this, we present a methodology to support the easy development and understanding of complex Statecharts. Central to our approach is the use of secondary notations to aid readability. We employ an automated layout mechanism to transform any given Statechart to a Statechart Normal Form. The Kiel Integrated Environment for Layout is a prototypical modeling tool to explore our editing, browsing and simulation paradigms in the design of complex reactive systems. An empirical study on the usability and practicability of our Statechart editing techniques, including a Statechart layout comparison, indicates significant performance improvements in terms of editing speed and model comprehension compared to traditional modeling approaches.


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Prochnow, Steffen: Efficient development of complex statecharts. 2008.


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