Effect of Air-Abrasion on the retention of zirconia ceramic crowns luted with different cements before and after artificial aging

Purpose: To evaluate the effect of intaglio surface air-abrasion on the retention of CAD/CAM produced zirconia ceramic crowns cemented with three different types of cement. The influence of artificial aging was also tested. Methods: Extracted human premolars were prepared for all-ceramic crowns. CAD/CAM zirconia crowns were manufactured. Crowns were air-abraded (50 μm alumina, 0.25 MPa) or left as-machined equally. The crowns were luted with zinc phosphate cement, glass ionomer cement, or composite resin, subgroups were stored in 37° water bath either for 3 days or for 150 days with additional 37,500 thermal cycles (5°-55°) and 300,000 cycles (50 N) in a masticatory simulator. Then crown retention was measured in tension using a universal testing machine. Results: Air-abrasion significantly increased crown retention, while artificial aging decreased retention. Also, luting material had a significant influence on the retention with the adhesive luting resin providing the highest retention


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