Optimzed use of potato protein concentrates in organic aquaculture diets for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

The replacement of fish meal (FM) is one of the major challenges in aquaculture. Whereas in conventional aquaculture the main impulse for a reduction of FM is most frequently the high price of the raw material due to depletion of wild fish stocks (decreased raw material supply). The main impulse to replace fish meal in organic fish production is furthermore situated in a lack of adequate amounts of this raw material. But in contrast to the conventional production only a few alternative raw materials were certified for use. Especially plant burden meals rich in protein are lack or of a weak quality for carnivorous fish nutrition. Nevertheless, these ingredients are necessary to create a sustainable increase of organic production. In this scientific work two plant burden protein sources were used to investigate their potential for use in organic aquaculture diets.


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