Essays on decarbonising energy supply

The chapters of this cumulative dissertation contribute to the evidence base on the effect of different policies on decarbonising energy supply, in other words reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy use while maintaining energy services. The use of fossil fuels is the most important source of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. As such, the dissertation is embedded in the wider debate on climate change and its mitigation. In particular, the analyses respond to three research questions related to the energy-climate nexus. First, which are the macroeconomic impacts of promoting energy saving and low-carbon technologies, here the impacts of promoting EU biofuel use? Second, how effective are public support mechanisms in decarbonising economies, here past public energy R&D spending in the presence of energy and climate policies in OECD countries? Third, in which way can developed countries contribute to decarbonising the economies of developing countries by means of foreign aid?


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