Preservation of geochemical proxies in foraminifera during carbonate diagenesis in sediments of the eastern equatorial Pacific

The elemental and isotopic composition of calcitic foraminiferal tests, deposited in marine carbonate sediments, is widely used to reconstruct oceanic and climatic conditions of the geologic past. However, ancient tests are normally altered after deposition by recrystallisation, during which the original biogenic calcite is replaced by secondary, inorganic calcite. The impact of this recrystallisation process on foraminiferal proxies is still unclear. In this thesis, a multi-component study of pore waters, bulk carbonates and foraminiferal tests from sediments from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 320/321 Pacific Equatorial Age Transect (PEAT) was conducted to investigate the consequences and processes involved in carbonate diagenesis. These sediments are of similar age and initial composition but have been subjected to different diagenetic histories and thus form a natural diagenesis laboratory...


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