Investigation on the production of secondary metabolites from anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria.

Secondary metabolites production of representative anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria were studied by culture-dependent analyses, PCR-based screening of selected strains and genome-based search using available sequence information of 62 phototrophic bacteria from public databases. Metabolite profiles of Allochromatium vinosum strain MT86 revealed a terpene like new compound produced under different growth conditions. Bioactivity tests showed some inhibitory activity of this substance against B. subtilis and S. lentus. Genome-based analysis of genes for secondary metabolite biosynthesis revealed that terpene biosynthesis gene clusters occupied the most significant fraction from 32 complete genomes of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria. In a PCR-based screening with specific primers, genes of type I pks, type II pks and nrps could not be identified within ten phototrophic bacteria, while the presence of phzE could be approved in eight of them, including Ach. vinosum strain MT86.


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