Factor input constraints in resource dynamics

This cumulative doctoral thesis consists of four individual research articles. It contributes to different strands of literature, in particular resource, development and energy economics. Research in economics aims to contribute to improved living conditions for the people on this planet. One important question to achieve this addresses the extraction of natural resources over time. First, it is important to assess the welfare society derives from a natural resource in the current state and to see how the availability of other factors of production impacts these benefits. As will be shown in chapter 1, a fishery can generate rents even under open access, if production factors are supplied locally. Second, this assessment should include future benefits' development given environmental and economic changes (chapter 2). Chapters 3 and 4 show that the inter-temporal aspect increases in complexity when factors of production are not flexibly adaptable over time, or when learning-by-doing occurs, such that today's production affects productivity in the future. In summary, numerous constraints affect resource use and production now and in the future. This dissertation addresses some of these constraints in order to help to improve resource management.


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