Dissertation (Metadaten)
Titel:Design and investigation of microelectromechanical (MEMS) varactors
Autor:Maxim Shakhray
Fakultät:Technische Fakultät
DDC Sachgebiet:620 Ingenieurwissenschaften und Maschinenbau
Datum der mdl. Prüfung:02.05.2005
Referent(in):Prof. Dr. Anton Heuberger
Korreferent(en) Korreferentin:Prof. Dr. Helmut Foell
Beschreibung:Three surface micromachined all-metal electrostatically driven varactors were designed, fabricated, and tested at low frequency (10 kHz) in the presented work. Capacity ratios of 1.65, 3.29, and 4.36 were measured. Main problems with possible solutions were discussed. Ways to improve the capacity ratios were proposed.
Schlagworte:Varactor, MEMS, microelectromechanical, variable capacitor
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