Dissertation (Metadata)
Title:Impacts of grazing intensity, precipitation and temperature on productivity, forage quality, species composition and diversity in typical steppe of Inner Mongolia
Author:Haiyan Ren
Faculty:Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science
DDC:000 Computer science, information and general works
Date of thesis defense:2013-01-31
Referent:Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Taube
second reviewer(s) :Prof. Dr. Joachim Schrautzer
Description:The overall goal of this study is to analyze and evaluate the long-term effects of sheep grazing intensity on yield performance, herbage quality, species diversity and specie composition in grassland ecosystems in Inner Mongolia, and then to provide efficient practices preventing grassland degradation.
Keywords:grazing intensity, precipitation and , productivity, forage quality, species composition and diversity, typical steppe, Inner Mongolia