Cytotoxic Properties of Damiana (Turnera diffusa) Extracts and Constituents and A Validated Quantitative UHPLC-DAD Assay

In our continuing search for new cytotoxic agents, we assayed extracts, fractions, and pure compounds from damiana (Turnera diffusa) against multiple myeloma (NCI-H929, U266, and MM1S) cell lines. After a first liquid-liquid solvent extraction, the ethyl acetate layer of an acetone (70%) crude extract was identified as the most active fraction. Further separation of the active fraction led to the isolation of naringenin (1), three apigenin coumaroyl glucosides 2⁻4, and five flavone aglycones 5⁻9. Naringenin (1) and apigenin 7-O-(4″-O-p-E-coumaroyl)-glucoside (4) showed significant cytotoxic effects against the tested myeloma cell lines. Additionally, we established a validated ultra-high performance liquid chromatography diode array detector (UHPLC-DAD) method for the quantification of the isolated components in the herb and in traditional preparations of T. diffusa.


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