Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial on Proximal Caries Infiltration: Three-Year Follow-Up

We report the 3-year efficacy of resin infiltration (Icon, pre-product; DMG, Hamburg) to arrest progression of proximal non-cavitated caries lesions as compared with placebo treatment. In 22 young adults, 29 lesion pairs with radiographic extensions into the inner half of enamel up to the outer third of dentin were included (split-mouth design). All subjects received risk-related instructions for diet, flossing and fluoridation. No unwanted effects could be observed. Radiographically 1/26 test lesions (4%) and 11/26 control lesions (42%) had progressed (p = 0.002, McNemar). After 3-year follow-up, infiltration of proximal caries lesions can be said to be efficacious to reduce lesion progression.


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