Local pressure‐correction for the Navier‐Stokes equations

This article presents a novel local pressure correction method for incompressible fluid flows and documents a numerical study of this method. Pressure correction methods decouple the velocity and pressure components of the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations and lead to a sequence of elliptic partial differential equations for both components instead of a saddle point problem. In some sit- uations, the equations for the velocity components are solved explicitly (with time step restrictions) and thus the elliptic pressure problem remains to be the most expensive step. Here, we employ a multiscale procedure for the solution of the Poisson problem related to pressure. The procedure replaces the global Poisson problem by local Poisson problems on subregions. We propose a new Robin-type boundary condition design for the local Poisson problems, which contains a coarse approximation of the global Poisson problem. Accordingly, no further communication between subregions is necessary and the method is perfectly adapted for parallel computations. Numerical experiments regarding a known analytical solution and flow around cylinder benchmarks show the effectivity of this new local pressure correction method.



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