Sustainable Strategies and Policy for Plastic Waste Collection and Management in Germany and Canada : Lessons for Lagos State, Nigeria

Plastic waste is a major problem in many developing countries, which needs urgent attention as the population increases. Plastic is constructed from high-density polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Hence, those types of plastics are associated with the environmental problem of plastic pollution, particularly in Lagos State, Nigeria. Furthermore, as the volume of plastic waste continues to increase in Lagos State, the existing infrastructure for sustainable plastic recycling is inadequate. In this research, Lagos is taken as a case study because of its increasing population, urbanization, and industrialization. They are connected with confounding urban challenges. The research further investigates Germany and some selected provinces in Canada to give European and North American perspectives of plastic waste management systems in the context of EPR schemes. The research also discusses how the two categories of the EPR schemes were applied in Germany and Canada. In addition, the research explains the implementation of the strict ban and enforcement on plastic bags in Rwanda and the regulation of plastic bags through a levy in Ireland. The empirical part of this research follows qualitative data analyses obtained through field observation. Questionnaires are used to gather oral interviews from policymakers and other stakeholders involved. The research identifies significant parameters. It proposes EPR strategies and its associated components needed to be adopted in Lagos state, with the Nigerian knowledge. The research results may help target a high rate of plastic recovery, reuse, recycling. They may also promote the reuse and recycling economy of plastics production in Lagos State, which is a pathway in achieving a circular economy.


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