In-Depth Comparison of Dry Particle Coating Processes Used in DPI Particle Engineering

High-shear mixer coatings as well as mechanofusion processes are used in the particle-engineering of dry powder inhalation carrier systems. The aim of coating the carrier particle is usually to decrease carrier-drug adhesion. This study comprises the in-depth comparison of two established dry particle coating options. Both processes were conducted with and without a model additive (magnesium stearate). In doing so, changes in the behaviour of the processed particles can be traced back to either the process or the additive. It can be stated that the coarse model carrier showed no significant changes when processed without additives. By coating the particles with magnesium stearate, the surface energy decreased significantly. This leads to a significant enhancement of the aerodynamic performance of the respective carrier-based blends. Comparing the engineered carriers with each other, the high-shear mixer coating shows significant benefits, namely, lower drug-carrier adhesion and the higher efficiency of the coating process.


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