Integration and Optimization of Voltage Active Filtering Functionality in a PV Park

The stringent regulations on the power quality declared in the standard IEEE 519-2014 push the companies and the power producers to install active filters to compensate the voltage harmonics distortion in the point of common coupling (PCC). However, in the case of a Photovoltaic (PV) park, the cost for an additional active filter converter can be saved by using the PV converters themselves as active filter. This solution is very attractive, but reserves several challenges. In fact, the harmonic current injection by the PV converters can generate ripples in the DC link which increases the stress on the converter components and affects the MPPT. Moreover, the overcurrent protection of the PV converter must be taken into account. In this paper a centralized optimized strategy to share the harmonic current injection among all the converters in a PV park is investigated. The optimization is formulated as a quadratic programming (QP) problem: the active power consumed by the PV park for the active filtering and the DC link ripple of the PV converters caused by the harmonic currents injection are minimized. The limit on the maximum injectable harmonic current by each PV converter are respected.


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