Robustness Analysis of Voltage Control Strategies of Smart Transformer

The increasing penetration of Distributed Generators (DG) in the modern electric distribution network poses high priority on the problem of the stability. In this article the Harmonic Stability of a Smart Transformer-fed microgrid is investigated under different control strategies. The considered microgrid is composed by a Smart Transformer and three Distributed Generators, considering the bandwidth of the DGs unknown. The robustness is evaluated analysing the eigenvalues as a consequence of a variation of the DGs bandwidth. The system is modelled as a Multi Input Multi Output System (MIMO); the eigenvalue based analysis is carried out to assess the stability and compare the robustness of the traditional double-loop PI and a state-feedback (SF) integral controller. The results show that the SF controller ensures a higher robustness than the traditional PI controller with respect to increasing bandwidths of the DGs.


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