Observer design for a class of nonlinear systems combining dissipativity with interconnection and damping assignment

A nonlinear observer design approach is proposed that exploits and combines port-Hamiltonian systems and dissipativity theory. First, a passivity-based observer design using interconnection and damping assignment for time variant state affine systems is presented by applying output injection to the system such that the observer error dynamics takes a port-Hamiltonian structure. The stability of the observer error system is assured by exploiting its passivity properties. Second, this setup is extended to develop an observer design approach for a class of systems with a time varying state affine forward and a nonlinear feedback contribution. For a class of nonlinear systems, the theory of dissipative observers is adapted and combined with the results for the passivity-based observer design using interconnection and damping assignment. The convergence of the compound observer design is determined by a linear matrix inequality. The performance of both observer approaches is analyzed in simulation examples.



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