Robust Stability Analysis of Synchronverters Operating in Parallel

Recent studies have shown how synchronization units of converters operating nearby may interact with each other, affecting the stability of the system. Synchronverters are able to self-synchronize to the grid without the need of a dedicated unit because they can reproduce the power synchronization mechanism of synchronous machines. Recently, the robust stability of a synchronverter has been investigated by means of structured singular values (commonly called μ-analysis). In this paper, μanalysis is performed to investigate how the robust stability of a synchronverter is affected by the presence of another converter of the same type operating in parallel. It is demonstrated that the parallel operation of synchronverters reduces their robust stability and a possible solution is proposed, based on the implementation of virtual impedances in the control algorithm. An accurate state-space model of the system under study is developed by adopting the component connection method and the robust stability analysis is validated against time-domain simulations in MATLAB/Simulink/PLECS and experimental results with a power-hardware-in-the-loop test bench.


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