Neogene Evolution of the Monsoon-Climate in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool

New paleoclimatic records of mixed layer and bottom water conditions from the late Miocene to early Pliocene time period (~9 to 4.9 Ma) were analyzed to reconstruct monsoonal climate variability within different monsoonal subsystems in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool. The main goal was to better understand the response of monsoonal circulation patterns to changes in climate forcing and boundary conditions such as greenhouse gases and ice cover and internal feedback processes. The main objectives of this thesis are (1) to investigate the consistency of benthic stable oxygen isotope (δ18O) offsets and the environmental factors controlling oxygen isotope fractionation for the Indo-Pacific region and (2) to reconstruct the responses of monsoonal circulation to changing climate conditions during the late Miocene and early Pliocene in the Indian, East Asian and Australian-Indonesian monsoon systems.


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