Aspects of Designing Sustainable Development Policies in Developing Countries

This thesis is composed of the following four articles organized in a book format. 1. ‘Energy subsidy reform for growth and equity in Egypt: The approach matters’ by Clemens Breisinger, Askar Mukashov, Mariam Raouf, and Manfred Wiebelt. The paper is published in Energy Policy (2019, Vol. 129, 661-671, doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2019.02.059). 2. ‘Modeling conflict impact and post-conflict reconstruction: The case of Yemen’ by Clemens Breisinger, Wilfried Engelke, Askar Mukashov, and Manfred Wiebelt, 2020. 3. ‘Parameter Uncertainty in Policy Planning Models: Using Portfolio Management Methods to Choose Optimal Policies under World Market Volatility’ by Askar Mukashov, 2021. 4. ‘The Role of Global Climate Change in Structural Transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Study of Senegal’ by Askar Mukashov, Christian Henning, Richard Robertson, and Manfred Wiebelt, 2021


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