Semantics and Execution of Domain Specific Models

In this paper we present a two-level approach to extend the abstract syntax of models with concrete semantics. First, a light-weight execution interface for iteratable models with a generic user interface allows the tool smith to provide arbitrary execution and visualization engine implementations for his or her Domain Specific Modeling Language (DSML). We discuss how the common execution manager runtime allows co-simulations of different model types and engine implementations to provide a flexible framework in the diverse DSML scenery. Second, as a concrete but nevertheless generic implementation of a simulation engine for behavior models, we present semantic model specifications and a runtime interfacing to the Ptolemy II tool suite. As a project in the area of model simulation, the latter provides a mature sophisticated and formally grounded backbone for model execution. We present our approach as an open source Eclipse integration to be an extension to the Eclipse modeling projects. After introducing basic concepts, the paper explains how simulations are currently being integrated into the framework and presents some illustrative case studies also covering UML approaches.

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