A Novel Representation for Two-dimensional Image Structures

This paper presents a novel approach towards two-dimensional (2D) image structures modeling. To obtain more degrees of freedom, a 2D image signal is embedded into a certain geometric algebra. Coupling methods of differential geometry, tensor algebra, monogenic signal and quadrature filter, we can design a general model for 2D structures as the monogenic extension of a curvature tensor. Based on it, a local representation for the intrinsically two-dimensional (i2D) structure is derived as the monogenic curvature signal. From it, independent features of local amplitude, phase and orientation are simultaneously extracted. Besides, a monogenic curvature scale-space can be built by applying a Poisson kernel to the monogenic curvature signal. Compared with the other related work, the remarkable advantage of our approach lies in the rotationally invariant phase evaluation of 2D structures in a multi-scale framework, which delivers access to phase-based processing in many computer vision tasks.

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