SCCharts : The Railway Project Report

SCCharts is a visual language proposed in 2012 for specifying safety-critical reactive systems. We present the results of the first medium sized SCCharts case-study. The case-study was conducted in the context of the railway project performed by students at the Kiel University in the summer term 2014. The railway project is a regularly occurring student training project that teaches principles of concurrent cyber-physical systems on a complex live model railway demonstrator. This report presents details of the first medium size SCCharts models created during the project. We explain what additional language extensions to SCCharts were necessary and how they were implemented. To handle performance issues that arose while developing the controller, compiler enhancements became necessary and are evaluated here. Furthermore, the participants completed a survey at the end of the project to confirm the goals that the SCCharts language and our SCCharts tool chain are suitable to build complex controllers. In the survey, the participants compared both, the SCCharts language and our SCCharts tools, with other modeling and classical programming languages and tools.


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