Using SCCharts models in Simulink to model an electronic control unit

When constructing an electrical racing car, special attention needs to be directed to the development of its engine control unit. Functionality of the motor-torque calculation and the integration of advanced driver assistance systems are crucial for the speed handling and hence, the safety of the car. The Kieler Formula Student Team Raceyard, which since 2011 has been constructing electrical racing cars annually, so far designed and tested its controller model in the popular commercial modeling software MATLAB/Simulink. This work shows how a functionally equivalent system can be designed by utilizing the visual synchronous language SCCharts in the academic open-source project KIELER. A complete controller model is modeled in KIELER and validated to behave the same as the original controller both in Simulink directly as well as in the 3D simulation environment IPG Carmaker. Tests on the performance of both controllers show that while a slowdown can be observed when comparing the generated C Code, simulation time in IPG Carmaker only increases by a negligible factor. KIELER’s developing and testing capabilities for synchronous models can therefore be considered a valuable tool in the process of designing, tuning and documenting such a controller model.


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