Processing Chain for Localization of Magnetoelectric Sensors in Real Time

The knowledge of the exact position and orientation of a sensor with respect to a source (distribution) is essential for the correct solution of inverse problems. Especially when measuring with magnetic field sensors, the positions and orientations of the sensors are not always fixed during measurements. In this study, we present a processing chain for the localization of magnetic field sensors in real time. This includes preprocessing steps, such as equalizing and matched filtering, an iterative localization approach, and postprocessing steps for smoothing the localization outcomes over time. We show the efficiency of this localization pipeline using an exchange bias magnetoelectric sensor. For the proof of principle, the potential of the proposed algorithm performing the localization in the two-dimensional space is investigated. Nevertheless, the algorithm can be easily extended to the three-dimensional space. Using the proposed pipeline, we achieve average localization errors between 1.12 cm and 6.90 cm in a localization area of size 50cm×50cm.


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