Fast approach for clarification of chromosomal aberrations by using LM-PCR and FT-CGH in leukaemic sample

Chromosomal abnormalities, like deletions, amplifications, inversions or translocations, are recurrent features in haematological malignancies. However, the precise molecular breakpoints are frequently not determined. Here we describe a rapid analysis of genetic imbalances combining fine tiling comparative genomic hybridization (FT-CGH) and ligation-mediated PCR (LM-PCR). We clarified an inv(14)(q11q32) in a case of T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with a breakpoint in the TRA/D in 68% of cells detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization. FT-CGH showed several mono- and biallelic losses within TRA/D. LM-PCR disclosed a TRA/D rearrangement on one allele. The other allele revealed an inv(14)(q11q32), joining TRDD2 at 21,977,000 of 14q11 together with the IGH locus at 105,948,000 and 3'-sequence of TRAC at 22,092,000 joined together with IGHV4-61 at 106,166,000. This sensitive approach can unravel complex chromosomal abnormalities in patient samples with a limited amount of aberrant cells and may lead to better diagnostic and therapeutic options.



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