Free-Surface Simulations with Consideration of Moving Objects, Sea Waves and Scour Based on the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations

This works describes a numerical method for the simulation of moving sailing yachts at the free water surface based on the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes Equations and the Volume-of-Fluid equation, which are solved using the Finite Volume method, an implicit marching method and a SIMPLE like algorithm. Thereby, simulations with smooth water and swell are considered. Moreover, the method is complemented by the possibility to simulate scour at offshore groundings.

The presented simulation method is implemented into the open-source software package OpenFOAM. The selected conservation equations and the Finite Volume method for discretizing the spatial terms are described. In addition, a well-known discretization method is implemented to take into account the discontinuities caused by the sharp water surface. The methods for discretizing the unsteady terms are supplemented with a new, stabilized second-order method. Well-known high-resolution schemes are implemented and investigated for the discretization of the convective term of the Volume-of-Fluid equation. In addition, a newly developed approach to suppress the remaining numerical ventilation is presented. For the turbulence modeling, the two-equation model k-omega-SST from OpenFOAM is modified with well-known adjustments. The existing method for simulating rigid body motion is supplemented by a known method for stabilizing the explicit time discretization. In addition, an approach for estimating relevant sailing forces is implemented. The waves2Foam library is incorporated to generate the swell. Then the required wave damping is discussed and a further known, as well as a new, own damping method implemented.

The simulation model is extended by a method for simulating scouring processes. A modified Bingham model is implemented to simulate the soil and the suspension.


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