Stability Enhancement for Single-Loop Voltage Controlled Voltage-Source Converters with LC-Filter

Voltage controlled voltage source converters (VSCs) have been widely applied in microgrids, uninterruptible power sources, smart transformer and 400 Hz ground power units for airplanes, etc. An LC filter is generally adopted to attenuate high frequency switching harmonic and to improve the qualities of output voltage and current for grid or loads. Nevertheless, VSCs have to trade-off between the stability characteristic and the ability of switching harmonics suppression when a single-loop voltage control method is adopted. In general, the resonant frequency ω r of LC filter should be less than 1/4 of sampling frequency ω s to ensure sufficient attenuation of the switching harmonic. However, ω r should be higher than 1/3 of ω s for the system stability when a proportional-resonant (PR) controller with a positive proportional gain is implemented. This paper proposes a feedback of modulation voltage (FMV) control design method for single-loop control to ensure stability condition in a higher frequency range and good switching harmonics suppression at the same time. Finally, simulation results are provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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