Online Estimation of Dynamic Capacity of VSC-HVdc Systems –Power System Use Cases

The dynamic capacity describes the capability of high voltage direct current (HVdc) systems to operate temporarily beyond their guaranteed active and reactive power (P/Q) limitations under specific conditions. In this work, the dynamic capacity is intended to be applied in various power system use cases to ensure a more efficient and secure grid operation. In contrast to previous works, the dynamic capacity is considered with a holistic view on the HVdc system’s components.
Moreover, to overcome existing limitations considering only the HVdc system design, it is introduced to estimate the dynamic capacity based on real-time operational data. In principle, dynamic capacity could help for any power system
use case where temporarily additional capacity is required. The article details five use cases, including congestion management, voltage support, frequency response, offshore wind overplanting and grid planning to be of high interest for
such a feature. The main HVdc applications, embedded systems, interconnectors and offshore grid connection, and anticipated time frames for dynamic capacity are highlighted from power system perspective. Also, the time-criticality of the remedial actions is outlined.


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