Structured-Glass Waveguide Technology for High-Performance Millimetre-Wave Components and Systems

This work presents a novel waveguide medium based on laser-induced structured-glass for the design of high-end millimetre-wave components and systems. The material properties, fabrication process and functional attributes of the structured-glass technology are first described and then applied in order to demonstrate a fourth-order bandpass filter prototype operating within the W-band frequency range, centered around 88 GHz with a narrow fractional bandwidth of 2.3%. The basic filter design, dimensional considerations, and assembly process are discussed in order to outline the fabrication process. The prototype filter, along with its associated feed-line transitions and split-block interface are measured and characterized in the laboratory in order to validate the design approach. The measured response is shown to be exceptionally accurate; the insertion loss is found to be approximately 1.43 dB - 1.97 dB throughout the measured passband with a return loss of better than 22 dB and center-frequency offset of approximately 0.117%. A comparison to existing technologies is discussed in order to highlight the advantages of the proposed medium and to contrast the differences in both manufacture and achievable results for high-end components.


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