Retention of Metallic and Non-Metallic Double Crown-Retained Overdentures on Implants

Purpose: To evaluate the change in the retention of novel metallic and non-metallic combinations for double-crown-retained mandibular overdentures on implants. Methods: Cylindrical bases were used to insert four implants arranged in an arch, with 10 mm inter- implant spacing anteriorly, and 35 mm posteriorly. Five groups ( n = 8 each) of different materials combi- nations were tested for retention: zirconia abutments/PEEK framework (ZP), PEEK abutments/PEEK frame- work (PP), titanium abutments/PEEK framework (TP), titanium abutments/CoCr framework (TC), and ti- tanium abutments/gold copings/cobalt-chromium framework as the control group (TG). The abutment retention height was 4 mm with 1 °convergence angle. The retention was measured in a wet condition using a chewing simulator initially, and then at 10 0, 20 0, 50 0, 1,0 0 0, 2,0 0 0, 3,0 0 0, 5,0 0 0, 8,0 0 0, and 10,0 0 0 insertion/separation cycles, which simulates the removing and inserting of an overdenture three times daily for 10 years of function. Results: The initial median retention of all groups ranged from 10.0 to 33.3 N. After 10,0 0 0 inser- tion/separation cycles, the median retention ranged from 10.3 to 35.0 N. The change in the retention after 10,0 0 0 cycles was not statistically significant within groups ZP and TG. For groups PP and TP, there was a slight increase in retention with partial significance. The retention of group TC showed fluctuation with a partially significant decrease in retention. Conclusions: The use of novel metallic and non-metallic combinations in the construction of double- crown-retained mandibular overdentures on implants resulted in acceptable levels of retention and might be recommended for clinical application.


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