Analysis of simultaneous microRNA/mRNA profiles of ascites in advanced serous ovarian cancer patients

This study aims to investigate the differential miRNA and mRNA profiles in ascites in advanced serous ovarian cancer(OC)  to identify the gene products that may contribute to intraperitoneal dissemination of OC. Conspicuously expressed RNAs including 17 miRNAs and 33 mRNAs were identified between the corresponding ascites and primary tumors. Based on the simultaneous miRNA/mRNA expression profile and bioinformatics analysis, 7 conspicuously expressed miRNAs and 6 conspicuously expressed mRNAs  were validated in 11 advanced serous OC patients by  PCR. Correlation analysis was performed to identify the miRNA/mRNA target relationship. A negative  correlation was not found between the candidate miRNAs and the predicted target mRNAs. However, a weak positive correlation between hsa-miR-16-5p and TWIST1, strong positive correlations between has-miR-143-3p and has-miR-145-5p,between has-miR-199a-5p and has-miR-214-3p,   and between 3 candidate mRNAs including E2F1, MYC,and CDKN2A were observed. The positive regulatory relationship and reduced possible target relationship of these molecules support the  existence of a dynamic and complex regulatory network of RNAs in ascites, which may induce the intraperitoneal dissemination of advanced serous OC. In addition, increased MAP2K1 activation in overweight serous OC patients and  a positive correlation of MAP2K1 and BMI in OC was demonstrated. This study may provide insights into the underlying biological mechanism of the spread of serous OC.  In addition, an economical and feasible approach to identify critical miRNAs and mRNAs between the corresponding ascites and primary tumors was also established.



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