Individuelles venöses Thromboembolierisiko bei A>G Einzelnukleotid-Polymorphismus im Prothrombin-Gen (rs3136516)

We investigated 1012 young Caucasian patients with a diagnosis of VTE (provoked: 73,5 %) for the presence of the F2 rs3136516 single nucleotid polymorphism (prothrombiin gene 19911 A>G) and compared these with 902 healthy blood donors. Compared with the AA wildtype, the F2 GG and AG genotypes (rs3136516) were associated with VTE (OR 1.48 and 1.45). In Caucasian patients with VTE the F2 GG/GA genotypes (rs3136516) were moderate risk factors for VTE.

Second aim was to develop and validate a predictive model to determinate patients at increased risk to suffer from recurrence following a first provoked deep vein thrombosis (VTE). In conclusion, in the prediction model presented here the risk of VTE recurrence was associated with male gender and combined ITs. Based on the negative predictive value calculated the model may identify patients with a first provoked VTE not being at risk for recurrence.


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