Memristive Dynamics of Ag-based Nanostructures for Neuromorphic Systems

In this thesis, an unconventional cAFM approach was developed to enhance basic
research on nanoscale memristive systems. This approach intends to integrate the
memristive system at the apex region of a cantilever, to achieve an efficient nanoscale
localization of the memristive action. Two memristive systems were investigated via this approach: An individual Ag-filament evolved from a continuous active electrode and a AgPt-NP system embedded in SiOxNy. Moreover, AgPt and AgAu alloy-NPs embedded in SiO2 are investigated regarding their applicability as fundamental building units for diffusive memristive switching via regular cAFM. Furthermore,
concepts are discussed to expand the functionalities of alloy-NP based memristive
devices towards memsensing, meaning that the diffusive switching dynamics can be modulated by external stimuli. This is done by serial connection of alloy-NP based diffusive memristive systems and wide-bandgap semiconductors (TiO2 and ZnO) that incorporate UV-sensitivity to the circuit. Moreover, two approaches for NP-based memristive networks were investigated. It is shown, that AgAu-NPs are able to implement memristive switching locally in a higher level network created by random assembly of carbon nanotubes. Finally, networks of Ag-NPs poised at the percolation threshold were investigated with respect to their emergent collective behavior. An important finding of this thesis is, that critical dynamics and long-range temporal correlations in Ag-NP networks are not disturbed upon presence or absence of a matrix.


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