Miniaturized Dual-Band Dual-Mode TM-Mode Dielectric Filter in Planar Configuration

This paper reports a new class of compact inline dual-band bandpass filters using TM-mode dielectric resonators in planar configuration. Thanks to the employment of the dielectric-loaded TM-mode waveguide configuration and the dual-mode TM120 and TM210 resonances, substantial size miniaturization and volume saving (>70%) can be obtained in comparison with conventional waveguide technology. Additionally, the planar topology of the presented concept offers highly desirable advantages for industry and mass production including the ease of manufacturing, assembly, and tuning. Furthermore, the resonating doublets and the nonresonating TM110 mode are effectively utilized to introduce and control both inter-band and outer-band transmission zeros, advantageously increasing the isolation between the two passbands and enhancing the outer-band rejection regions. The general design procedure of the proposed filter is discussed in detail. A three-pole C-band dual-band dual-mode TM-mode dielectric filter is designed, implemented, and measured to validate the proposed configuration.


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