Biomarkers in Liquid Biopsies for Prediction of Early Liver Metastases in Pancreatic Cancer

Individualized diagnostics approaches in modern cancer therapy require predictive and prognostic biomarkers that are easily accessible and stratify patients for optimal and individualized treatment. Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is still a life-threatening disease mainly because of its late diagnosis in advanced stages or rapid progress even in patients with curative resection of the primary tumor. Moreover, patients with liver metastases exhibit an even worse prognosis. Hence, this retrospective multi-center study aims to identify biomarkers in perioperative serum of PDAC patients predicting early liver metastasis. A highly sensitive biomarker analysis was performed using two different methodological approaches. Olink® analysis, which was also used to validate LEGENDplexTM results, identified significant differences in proteins involved in chemotaxis and migration of immune cells as well as cell growth in serum of patients with early versus late onset of liver metastasis. Further studies with larger cohorts are required to validate these findings for clinical translation.


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