A Passivity-Based High-Bandwidth Voltage Control for Grid-Forming Inverters

The increasing number of power electronic devices connected to the power system is leading it to new stability challenges. The uncertainty of the grid-model may complicate the controller design and compromise stability. As a countermeasure, LQR and pole-placement techniques can be re-oriented to design for passivity, which is leading to new controller design paradigms. Nevertheless, as a general rule, all the variables of the system are considered in the full bandwidth, which may become unfeasible or costly in the industrial scenario. An original controller design technique for LC or LCL filter which accomplishes passivity in a wide range of frequency is proposed. Besides, it reduces the voltage sensor needs, even controlling it, being suitable for Grid-Forming. As consequence, the complexity of the software, hardware and price are reduced. Experimental verification is provided: impedance of the converter from the grid side and response against a changes in the reference/load.


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